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News - EventS

  • Nel 2017 la ditta MANARA ROBERTO SRL UNIPERSONALE ha compiuto 20 anni di attività

  • Cibustec” dal 25 al 28 ottobre 2016,
    presso Fiera di Parma (43100 – Parma – PR)
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  • "Salone Industria Casearea e Conserviera" dal 16 al 18 ottobre 2015,
    presso A1EXPO' POLO FIERISTICO (81050 - Pastorano - CE)
    padiglione SIC, stand nr. A31        
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The Company


Based on a 12 years experience, in 1997 MANARA ROBERTO srl was established to design and manufacture medium-small size boilers. It quickly became succesful on the market thanks to its reliability and quality of its products. Today, as well as a wide range of products going beyond boilers, it works in steam, water treatment, design and manufacture of special solutions for agricolture and food industry sectors.

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