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    Bianconese di Fontevivo (PR) – Italia

IDFi - Manara Roberto S.r.l.


Smoke tubes and chamber inversion steam generators

The boiler IDFi has the following features: production from 350 to 5.000 kg/h, boiling pressure 12 to 18 bar, wet bottom to eliminate overheating of rear pipe plate. Eccentricity of the furnace towards the bottom. Large diameter furnace tube to increase yield and respect the environmental requirements for flue exhausts. Three smoke circuits to increase output. A coil-construction steam superheater is installed in the specially designed fume chamber to produce steam free of particles of water with a very high title. Smoke pipes are welded at tube plates. The large diameter cylindrical shell is supplied with manhole, hand or man hole doors, intake pipes, couplings for auxiliary units and lifting eyebolts. The boiler is complete with all the accessories to make up a unit ready to start operation thus expenses and installation time are minimized.

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    • Client : TransGas
    • Date : October 2015
    • Link : www.clickhere.com
    • Location : Slovenija, Ljubljana
    • Value : $1.299.525,00